Nexø II Rocket – Onboard Video

The rocket Nexø II is planned to launch this summer. Radio amateur Alexandru Csete OZ9AEC describes the video system which uses the Raspberry Pi.

The long-term aim of the project is to launch a human into space, and bringing them safely back to Earth. Nexø II will be launched from a floating platform in the Baltic Sea east of Denmark.

This second vlog is a status on the video system of the Nexø II rocket planned for launch this summer. The Nexø II is a progression on the Nexø I now with a DPR system. One more addition is a new camera system containing three cameras. Here Alex Csete OZ9AEC (the designer) tells more about the setup and design.

Copenhagen Suborbitals is the world’s only crewed, amateur space program, 100% crowdfunded and nonprofit. In the future, one of us will fly to space on a home built rocket.

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Watch Current affairs: The onboard video on Nexø II


The Nexø I rocket with 1240 MHz amateur radio band DATV downlink, 432 MHz band command uplink and 144 MHz APRS was launched in July 2016