Russian Satellites Tanusha 1 and 2 set for Activation

A Tanusha CubeSat

Two Russian satellites are planned to be activated inside the International Space Station (ISS) Russian Segment as part of a verification test from July 4-8.

International Space Station – Image Credit NASA

The satellites will eventually be deployed by hand from the ISS during a Russian space walk tentatively scheduled for August 17, 2017.

The satellites Tanusha 1 and Tanusha 2 [спутники Тануша 1/2] FM transmissions on 437.050 MHz, will be downlinked at 145.800 MHz FM. Transmissions from Tanusha 1 should begin around 18:30 UT on July 4. Transmissions will cease on July 6 from 08:20 till 18:00 UT to allow the satellites to be swapped out. Tanusha 2 will then be activated beginning on July 6 around 18:00 UT and continue until July 8 at 10:30 UT.

The satellites will broadcast greeting messages in Russian, English, Spanish and Chinese. More details will be made available on the Southwest Western State University site at

Source ARISS

Greeting messages recorded from Tanusha-1 from inside the ISS

Greetings messages from Tanusha-2 from inside the ISS

The satellites are also referred to as Tanyusha-SWSU 1 & 2, or Tanyusha-YuZGU 1 & 2, or Танюша-ЮЗГУ 1 & 2, or Radioskaf 6 & 7 (RS6S, RS7S)

Tomsk-TPU-120 was launched to the ISS in 2016. It is reportedly very similar to Tanusha-1 and there is a possibility it may be deployed with the Tanusha CubeSats during the Russian spacewalk (EVA) around August 17

Southwest Western State University SWSU in Google English

Listen to the ISS using an Online Radio – Select Frequency of 145800.0 kHz and Mode FM
• SUWS WebSDR when ISS in range of London
• R4UAB WebSDR when ISS is over Russia

How to hear the ISS