FCC 24 and 47 GHz 5G spectrum auction

The FCC has announced it is to make additional spectrum available for 5G services by auctioning spectrum that includes 24.25-24.45, 24.75-25.25 and 47.2-48.2 GHz.

The RSGB joint response to the 2018 Ofcom WRC-19 consultation expressed concern about the use of this spectrum.

“the RSGB does not support the allocation of the range 24.25 – 25.25 GHz to the mobile service in Region 1 and its subsequent identification for IMT. The amateur and amateur-satellite services have a global primary allocation in 24 – 24.05 GHz and the out of band emissions from a mass deployment of mobile broadband systems operating in very wide channels in adjacent frequencies will appear as interfering noise in the primary amateur allocation. An identification that starts at 25.25 GHz could mitigate this difficulty.”

“We would not wish to see adjacent out-of-band emissions causing interference to our primary amateur and amateur-satellite service allocations at 24.0-24.05 and 47.0-47.2 GHz”

The FCC’s 5G FAST Plan

RSGB joint response to Ofcom WRC-19 Consultation