NEXUS CubeSat designated as Fuji-OSCAR 99

NEXUS PosterOn January 18, 2019, NEXUS was launched on an Epsilon launch vehicle from the JAXA Uchinoura Space Center in Japan.

NEXUS (NExt generation X Unique Satellite) is a satellite developed jointly by Nihon University College of Science and Technology and the Japan Amateur Satellite Association (JAMSAT).

NEXUS demonstrates several new amateur satellite communication technologies, and includes a mode V/u linear transponder.

Telemetry has been received and decoded around the world since the launch, and the transponder was successfully tested on January 26th.

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At the request of the Nihon University College of Science and Technology and JAMSAT, AMSAT hereby designates NEXUS as Fuji-OSCAR 99 (FO-99). We congratulate the owners and operators of FO-99, thank them for their contribution to the amateur satellite community, and wish them continued success on this and future projects.

73, Drew Glasbrenner, KO4MA
AMSAT VP Operations / OSCAR Number Administrator

• 437.075 MHz CW Telemetry
• 435.900 MHz FSK AX.25 / π/4 shift QPSK CCSDS
• SSB/CW transponder
– 145.900-145.930 MHz Uplink
– 435.880-435.910 MHz Downlink


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