Taurus-1 with Codec-2 transponder launched

Taurus-1 with solar sail deployed

Taurus-1 with solar sail deployed

Taurus-1 (Jinniuzuo-1) carrying an amateur radio FM to Codec-2 transponder was launched on a CZ-4B rocket from the Taiyuan Satellite Launch Center on Thursday, September 12 at 0326 GMT.

Taurus-1 is a CubeSat project developed by Aerospace System Engineering Research Institute of Shanghai for youth education and amateur radio.

The transponder is similar to that used on LilacSat-1 receiving FM with 67 Hz CTCSS on 145.820 and retransmitting it as Codec-2 9600 bps BPSK digital voice along with the telemetry data on a nominal frequency of 435.840 MHz +/-10 kHz Doppler shift.

On Friday, September 13, Mark Jessop VK5QI tweeted:
“Good signals from #Taurus-1 on 435.840 MHz! Doesn’t look like the FM/Codec2 Transponder is enabled yet though (no response on 436.760 MHz when transmitting on 145.820 MHz)” Note: this was sent before it was realized Codec2 voice and the telemetry were on the same frequency.

Taurus-1 beacon received by Mark Jessop VK5QI

Taurus-1 beacon received by Mark Jessop VK5QI

Codec2 9600 bps BPSK Downlink information by Daniel Estévez EA4GPZ

Adam Whitney K0FFY documented how to receive the similar Codec2 Digital Voice transponder originally flown on LilacSat-1 using the FUNcube Dongle Pro+ SDR

A paper by Paul Stoetzer N8HM on the FM-Code2 transponder is at

Nico Janssen PA0DLO reports the actual telemetry downlink frequency is 435.8387 MHz and Doppler measurements show that Taurus 1 is object 44530 (2019-059C).

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