Beijing’s draft ham radio regulations raise concerns

Ministry of Industry and Information Technology

Ministry of Industry and Information Technology

ARRL reports on Beijing’s draft Measures for the Administration of Amateur Radio Stations which appear to threaten 136 kHz and most amateur bands above 146 MHz.

ARRL say:

Lide Zhang, BI8CKU, told ARRL that the proposal would prohibit amateur operation on the 2200-meter band as well as on 146 – 148 MHz, 1260 – 1300 MHz, 3400 – 3500 MHz, 5650 – 5725 MHz, and all bands above 10 GHz.

Radio communications engineer and Chinese Amateur Satellite Group (CAMSAT) CEO Alan Kung, BA1DU, told ARRL that government efforts to eliminate some amateur bands are nothing new, but proposals that have been aired for a while now are on the regulatory agency’s schedule. Kung said he does not anticipate that all of the bands proposed will be taken away, but he conceded that the climate will “undoubtedly” become increasingly more dangerous for China’s amateur radio community.

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A translation of the draft proposal says:

“Note 1: Unless otherwise specified, 135.7-137.8kHz, 146-148MHz, 1240-1260MHz, 1260-1300MHz, 3400-3500MHz, 5650-5725MHz, 10-10.4 GHz, 79-81GHz, 122.25-123GHz, 136-141GHz, 241-248GHz frequency The band frequency shall not be used for amateur services in the territory of the People’s Republic of China.”

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