Video of EIRSAT-1 talk

Some of the EIRSAT-1 Team

Some of the EIRSAT-1 Team

The EIRSAT-1 CubeSat, built by students at University College Dublin, is due for launch on the Vega rocket in early 2021 and you can help!

The South Dublin Radio Club was honored to host a talk by David Murphy EI9HWB and Fergal Marshall of the EIRSAT-1 team. In this video, they give a comprehensive technical run-through of the satellite’s payload, subsystems and onboard communications.

From an amateur radio and hobbyist point-of-view, there is a full run-through of the uplink and downlink schemes including detailed flow charts (including demodulation and decoding). For details go to 14:30

This followed by a detailed proposal as to how amateur radio operators can contribute to ground station operations via SatNOGs and gr_satellites GNU Radio. For details go to 34:05

EIRSAT-1 particularly wants help with signal acquisition just after launch… the riskiest part of the mission. They want help from amateur radio operators, listeners, scanners, makers, etc… to expand the mission’s ground segment.  For details go to 39:50

There is then a very informative Q&A.

Watch You can help Ireland’s first satellite, EIRSAT-1!

EIRSAT-1 – 437.100 MHz

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