Amateur Radio and AMSAT-UK at EMFcamp 2022

EMF 2018 AMSAT-UK VillageThe popular Electromagnetic Field event takes place June 2-5, 2022 at the Eastnor Castle Deer Park, Herefordshire, UK.

Imagine a camping festival with a power grid and high-speed internet access; a temporary village of geeks, crafters, and technology enthusiasts that’s lit up by night, and buzzing with activity during the day. Thousands of curious people will descend on the friendly open space to learn, share, and talk about what they love.

AMSAT-UK Village at EMF Camp

EMF camp will feature a full program of talks and workshops and there will be both an Amateur Radio Village GX1EMF and an AMSAT-UK Village GB4EMF.

Among the talks are:
• Hacking the Radio Spectrum with GNU Radio by Dave Rowntree M0IEG
• Receiving amateur radio satellite beacons by Damian Bevan G4WPO
• Launching a Rocket, Suspended by a Balloon by Dave Johnson G4DPZ
• Inside Datatrak: resurrecting a radio navigation network by Phil Pemberton M0OFX
• 2500 nerds, one pathetic robot by Chris Stubbs M6EDF
• Astro Pi Mark II – how to send a Raspberry Pi from a factory in Wales to the International Space Station by Richard Hayler

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Amateur Radio Village

AMSAT-UK Village

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