CubeSat Presentation at Radio Club of Paris

AMSAT-Francophone LogoA  CubeSat presentation was given by AMSAT Francophone to a scientific conference held by the Radio Club of Paris F6KVP on May 29, 2013. A video of the presentation has been made available on the web.

AMSAT-Francophone site in Google English

Radio Club of Paris F6KVP in Google English
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Watch Les nanosatellites (Note this video is in French)

Video streaming by Ustream

Creation of AMSAT-Francophone

AMSAT-Francophone Logo

A new amateur radio satellite organisation, AMSAT-Francophone, was formed in December.

Following the disappearance of AMSAT-France a few months ago, some of the members who originally created AMSAT-France 16 years ago, thought it was still necessary to have a structure for the French amateur space activities and have created AMSAT-Francophone.

Among its aims are:

– Development of amateur satellites, technology and systems useful for the construction and / or use of amateur satellites

– Participation in national and international collaborations on non-commercial projects in space,

The AMSAT-Francophone website in Google English is at

or in French at