FUNcube-1 ZDNET Article

Jim Heck G3WGM on an AMSAT-UK Stand

Jim Heck G3WGM

Journalist David Meyer interviewed AMSAT-UK’s Jim Heck G3WGM for an article on the FUNcube-1 satellite being built by AMSAT-UK volunteers.

School students will be able to send, via a moderator, ‘Fitter’ (as in ‘FUNcube Twitter’) messages of 200 characters to the CubeSat. FUNcube-1 will then transmit them on the 1200 bps BPSK beacon.

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The satellite will carry a 500 milliwatt 435 to 145 MHz linear transponder for SSB and CW communications.

FUNcube – Launch details and time frame finalised

FUNcube to be on show at the Association for Science Education conference Jan 5-7, 2012