GOMX-1 to test CubeSat Space Protocol

GOMX-1 is a student built amateur radio 2U CubeSat. The mission is being flown under the auspices of a Government research grant covering space related radio research. It will qualify a number of subsystems and provide extensive in-flight data.

A large number of future amateur/educational CubeSat missions depend on the important data that will be generated by this mission. This will help these mission teams across the globe to achieve higher reliability and improved utilization.

The mission will also test the use of the open source Cubesat Space Protocol (http://code.google.com/p/cubesat-space-protocol/) for a complete mission including the space link.

A camera payload will take color images of the Earth and an experimental Software Defined Radio receiver will be carried and its performance characterized.

More than 15 students at Aalborg University have been actively involved in the development of this payload as part of their semester projects.

It is planning to use GMSK telemetry with selectable 1k2/2k4/4k8/9k6 rates on UHF with approx 28dBm power to a deployed antenna. Launch is expected in late 2012 into a near sun syncronous orbit on a DNEPR rocket from Yasny in Russia with a number of other amateur radio satellites,  see Gunter’s Space Page http://space.skyrocket.de/doc_chr/lau2012.htm

GOMspace http://gomspace.com/

Vietnam Student CubeSat F-1

Vietnamese students have produced a video about their amateur radio CubeSat F-1, callsign XV1VN.

The F-1 is an educational CubeSat to be launched in the summer of 2012. It will carry a low resolution C328 camera with 640×480 resolution and two Yaesu VX-3R transceivers using 145.980 and 437.485 MHz.

–Frequency: 437.485MHz, FM Narrow
–Power supply: directly from solar cells, only operates in sunlight
–Output power: max 0.3W, half-wave dipole antenna
–Modulation scheme: Morse code beacon (10 chars) using PWM CW
–Beacon interval: every 30 seconds (configurable)

–Frequency: 145.980MHz , FM Narrow
–Power supply: rechargeable battery, operates in the dark by default but can be commanded to operate in sunlight as well
–Output power: max 1.0W, half-wave dipole antenna
–Modulation scheme: AFSK 1200bps, half duplex
–Telemetry interval: one AX.25 packet every 30 seconds (configurable)

Watch F-1 picosatellite project – FSpace laboratory

F-1 CubeSat Blog on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/groups/116436068290/

Gunter’s Space Page lists F-1 on the HTV-3 launch to the ISS on July 18, 2012.

Send your name/callsign and a message into space on the F-1 CubeSat! http://fspace.edu.vn/?page_id=31

Vietnam F-1 CubeSat on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=116436068290

FSpace Laboratory http://fspace.edu.vn/