Student HRBE Amateur Radio CubeSat in SatMagazine

SatMagazine April 2012

SatMagazine April 2012

The student built Hiscock Radiation Belt Explorer (HRBE) amateur radio CubeSat formerly known as Explorer-1 [PRIME] is featured on page 10 of the April issue of SatMagazine.

In the article SatMagazine says:

The Montana State University (MSU) satellite that rode into space on a NASA rocket has now gathered information longer than the historic U.S. satellite it was built to honor, said the director of MSU’s Space Science and Engineering Laboratory (SSEL).

Almost four months after the October 28 launch, and shortly after learning that NASA had selected another MSU satellite for possible launch on a NASA rocket next year, SSEL Director David Klumpar [KD7MFJ] cheered as he suddenly realized that Montana’s only satellite had collected data for 111 days as of February 15. Since then, the satellite has well surpassed the entire 111-day mission of its history-making predecessor, Explorer-1, the first successful U.S. satellite.

On the HRBE site the team say “A special thanks goes to all of the HAM operators that have been listening into beacons and sending us the data. Data Submissions from HAM Operators have comprised of almost half of the data we have collected so far and has become a vital part in monitoring the health and systems of HRBE.”

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