Dead CubeSat Comes Alive

Jugnu CubeSatWhat was given up as dead, turned out to be alive!

The one that sprang a recent surprise was India’s first IIT-made student satellite, Jugnu, a product of the students and staff of IIT-Kanpur.

The Times of India reports that the three-kg student satellite was launched on October 12, 2011, along with SRMSat of SRM University in Chennai and VesselSat-1 of Luxembourg. The main satellite was the Indo-French Megha-Tropiques

Speaking to TOI from Kanpur on Friday chief co-ordinator of Jugnu, NS Vyas, said that the mission life of the satellite was one year. “We had stopped tracking it. But when we came to know from the Nitte Amateur Satellite Tracking Centre in Bengaluru that it was after all still alive we were thrilled,” he said.

Vyas said that while its signals, on 437.275 MHz, were still strong, some of its internal functions had, however, weakened.

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Our thanks to Ganesh VU2TS for spotting this item