ITF-2 (YUI-2) Satellite Update

ITF-2 Yui ProjectAtsushi Yasuda JI1OEH reports the ITF-2 (YUI-2) CubeSat entered normal operation phase on March 25 JST, it was deployed from the ISS on January 16, 2017.

Update: ITF-2 was giving the OSCAR number Tsukuba-OSCAR 89 (TO-89).

Telemetry information and messages will be transmitted in this phase for the achievement of main mission.

The details of AWARD and SWL cards are:

With reference to the message on January 15 UTC, the First 100 Reports from overseas stations are qualified for this award. Only ten overseas stations sent report so far. Still enough award can be issued. Additionally, a souvenir, a sticky screen cleaner, will be given with this award.

The design motif is the small antenna of ITF-2

ITF-2 Flight Model

ITF-2 Flight Model

SWL cards:
Five designs are prepared. The stations which report more than five times can receive all designs. Also, the specially designed card will be presented to the stations which received a signal from the small antenna, because the reports are valuable to demonstrate the antenna in space. So far, two stations succeeded in the reception.

Designs of SWL cards

Further special events are planned for the promotion of receptions by more stations. This will be announced later.

There were some reception reports by very simple equipment, for example, Dipole or 5/8 wave length whip with USB tuner dongle (RTL2832).

The examples are

Reception reports can be submitted at:

Operation information of ITF-2:

Looking forward to reports from more stations.

Atsushi Yasuda, JI1OEH
University of Tsukuba Satellite project