6th Form Students Space Project

The Times newspaper reports on an experiment developed by 6th form students in Canterbury that will soon fly in space and involve students not just in the UK but also Uganda.

The article appeared in The Times 2 supplement for August 24 and describes how 6th form co-ed students at the Simon Langton Grammar school, led by Head of Pyshics, Dr. Becky Parker are developing a Cosmic Radiation experiment – LUCID – that will be part of the TechDemoSat-1 satellite. It is based around a Cosmic Ray detector chip from CERN and the school raised £60,000 to fund the experiment.

The school say that Dr Obote College in Uganda will soon be working with one of the LUCID cosmic ray detectors and Ugandan students will play an equal part with Langton students in collecting and analysing data on cosmic ray activity as part of an international experiment.

As part of the project Dr. Becky Parker is looking for money to install LUCID equipment in schools across the Britsh Isles and Europe providing ground-based data in a way that will involve hundreds of thousands of students.

TechDemoSat-1 (TDS-1) http://www.sstl.co.uk/getattachment/Current-Projects/TechDemoSat-info-doc-190411.pdf

The Langton Star Centre http://www.thelangtonstarcentre.org/

Simon Langton – Dr Obote College in Uganda http://www.thelangton.org.uk/index.php/dr-obote

The Times ‘Sixth formers take on Nasa’ by Tom Whipple (Paywall)