OSCAR-9 and OSCAR-11 TV News Reports

The original TV news reports about the United Kingdom’s first Amateur Radio satellites, UOSAT-1 (OSCAR-9) and UOSAT-2 (OSCAR-11), can now be seen on the web.

In ‘Talking Satellite’, made February 15, 1983, Martin Sweeting G3YJO talks about OSCAR-9 and its speech synthesizer.
The ITN description reads: “The World’s first talking satellite begins to speak. It was launched 18 months ago in America for the University of Surrey and one of its purposes is to encourage interest among school children in space technology.
Watch it at http://www.itnsource.com/shotlist//ITN/1983/02/15/AS150283008/

In ‘British Satellite’, made February 7, 1984, Martin Sweeting G3YJO talks about OSCAR-11 due to be launched the following month.
The ITN description reads: “Staff at the University of Surrey have designed and built a spacecraft in 5 months after being challenged by NASA.  Intvw Dr Martin Sweeting, University of Surrey.
Watch it at http://www.itnsource.com/shotlist//ITN/1984/02/07/AS070284011/

30th anniversary of UoSAT-1 (OSCAR-9)

UoSAT-2 (OSCAR-11) Report September 1, 2011

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OSCAR-11 Reports Requested for Wednesday May 25

Clive G3CWV requests reports of the Amateur Radio satellite OSCAR-11 on 145.826 MHz FM during Wednesday May 25 when it’s expected to switch back on.



He Writes: OSCAR-11 is off at the present time.  I’m expecting it to switch on during Wednesday May 25 at about 05:17 UTC, when the satellite is out of range for UK.

I would appreciate any reception reports for next Wednesday before and after that time. It is equally important whether you are reporting heard or NOT heard.

When the satellite last switched off, it happened  during a pass over UK, and I was able to get a precise time of switch off. Reports on Wednesday will help me improve the accuracy of future predictions.

Please add your report to the satellite status web site URL

73 Clive  G3CWV
Hitchin, North Hertfordshire, UK
Email: g3cwv at amsat.org

Online Satellite Pass Predictions (select UO-11)

OSCAR-11 Report for April

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