Video of P3E Satellite Announcement

This BATC video shows the P3E satellite announcement made on July 25 at the AMSAT-UK International Space Colloquium in Guildford.

Drew KO4MA and Peter DB2OS were happy to be able to announce a cooperation between AMSAT-NA, AMSAT-DL and Virginia Tech to try and get Phase-3E launched!

Watch AMSAT-DL and AMSAT-NA announce a potential Phase-3E launch opportunity

Virginia Tech has approached the US Government to fly the Phase 3-E space frame into High Earth Orbit (HEO) in order to support scientific payloads as well as serve as an amateur radio satellite.  During the AMSAT-DL Annual Meeting on July 4, 2015, the AMSAT-DL membership approved the concept, agreeing to allow the Phase 3-E space frame that is currently stored in Germany to be shipped to Virginia Tech in the USA for further construction, testing and preparation for eventual launch to HEO should the US Government formally agree to fund such a mission.

Should the project move forward, AMSAT-NA will apply for frequency coordination from the IARU Satellite Advisor and satellite licensing from the FCC as the satellite’s initial operator.

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The next Amateur Radio Phase 3 satellite

The next AMSAT Phase 3 satellite - Arianespace visit in Marburg (P3-E with flight antennas, but dummy solar panels)

The next AMSAT Phase 3 satellite – Arianespace visit in Marburg (P3-E with flight antennas, but dummy solar panels)

The P3E-satellite continues the successful series of AO-10, AO-13 and AO-40. It will again support communications from continent to continent.

Amateur Radio Satellite AO-40

Amateur Radio Satellite AO-40

The downlink frequencies are in the bands at 145 and 2400 MHz, the uplinks at 435 and 1268 MHz. Thus it can be used by all radio amateurs who were previously active on the earlier Phase-3 satellites. Additionally P3E provides possibilities for experimentation using uplinks at 2.45 and 5.8 GHz as well as downlinks at 10,5, 24 and 47 GHz.


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DLR rejects amateur radio P5-/Mascot-2 project

AMSAT-DL have released a statement regarding the P5-/Mascot-2 project:

Discussions with the German Ministry of Economics and the German  space agency DLR spanned more than 5 years. Amongst others, we met with  State Secretary for Space and Aerospace Hinze, DLR chairman Prof. Wörner and the DLR  Program Board.  In 2009 AMSAT-DL,  in collaboration with the DLR Institute for Space Systems in Bremen, conducted two complex Concurrent Engineering  studies. They were jointly presented to the DLR program board in Köln-Porz in  2010.

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P3E Update From AMSAT-DL

Update on P3-E and P5 Amateur Radio Satellites

Peter DB2OS has provided an update on progress with the P3-E and the P5 Moon and Mars orbiter Amateur Radio satellites

The High Earth Orbit (HEO) P3-E satellite will act as as an experimental test platform for the AMSAT-P5 Mission(s) to the Moon and Mars.

P5 Missions:
– Design based on updated P3-D concept
– Launch between 2012-2018
– Launcher Ariane 5 GTO or SpaceX GTO
– Moon: 100 x 100 km orbit, inclination T.B.D.
– Mars: 20,000 x 500 km orbit, inclination T.B.D.
– Various payloads (including cameras, penetrators)
– Fuel for 10 year lifetime

Download the PDF to read the full update on these exciting new satellites

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