Schedule for RSGB Convention Released

Ofcom's Ash Gohil and Paul Jarvis G8RMM at 2013 RSGB Convention

Ofcom’s Ash Gohil and Paul Jarvis G8RMM at 2013 RSGB Convention

Ofcom staff will be among those giving presentations at the RSGB Convention which takes place October 10-12.

The Ofcom public consultation on Amateur Radio has been eagerly awaited for many months now and will hopefully have been released before the Convention.

The Society say there will be lots of space and a five lecture stream programme in the new Convention venue at the Kents Hill Conference Centre, Milton Keynes, MK7 6BZ.

Among the presentations are
– UKHASNET, technology and methodology by James Coxon M6JCX
– SDR Techniques by Simon Brown G4ELI
– Digital modes start up by Mike Richards G4WNC
– FUNcube CubeSat by AMSAT-UK
– Amateur radio software developers forum by Michael Wells G7VJR
– 146-147MHz: A New Frontier of Amateur Innovation? by John Regnault G4SWX
– World War 1 Communications by Dr Elizabeth Bruton

RSGB Convention


Murray Niman G6JYB Appointed RSGB Spectrum Chair

Murray Niman G6JYB

Murray Niman G6JYB

Following the advertisement of the position of Chair of the Spectrum Forum the RSGB Board have appointed Murray Niman G6JYB to the position.

Murray is no stranger to spectrum matters having held the post of RSGB Microwave Manager, since January 2007. He succeeds the former Spectrum Chair John Gould G3WKL who is now RSGB President.

2006 – Murray Niman G6JYB Appointed RSGB Microwave Manager

RSGB General Manager: The Future of Amateur Radio

Graham Coomber G0NBI

Graham Coomber G0NBI

In this video the RSGB General Manager, Graham Coomber G0NBI, gives his personal vision for the future of Amateur Radio.

Graham G0NBI gave the presentation at the AMSAT-UK International Space Colloquium on Sunday, July 21, 2013 and the video is now available in the Film Archive section of the BATC site.

You can watch the video and others from the colloquium at
Click on the ‘Film Archive’ icon
Select ‘AMSAT-UK 2013′ from the Category drop down menu
Click ‘Select Category’
Select the video ‘AMSAT2013 09 RSGB’
Click on ‘Select Stream’
Click the play icon ‘>’ on the player
Clicking on the icon to the left of the player volume control will give you full screen display.

You can also download the video file to your PC by right-clicking on the ‘Click Here’ link under the player.

Videos of CubeSat / Microsat presentations given to the AMSAT-UK International Space Colloquium

Holiday Inn and RSGB GB4FUN communications module

The videos of the amateur radio CubeSat and Microsat presentations given to the AMSAT-UK International Space Colloquium 2012 are available to either watch online or download.

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Official Opening of the RSGB National Radio Centre

Official Opening of National Radio CentreWednesday, July 11, saw the official opening of the RSGB’s National Radio Centre (NRC) at Bletchley Park in Milton Keynes.

Ed Vaizey MP Unveiling the Plaque with RSGB President Dave Wilson M0OBW

Ed Vaizey MP Unveiling the Plaque with RSGB President Dave Wilson M0OBW

The opening and unveiling of the plaque was undertaken by Mr Ed Vaizey MP. Mr Vaizey is the Minister for Culture, Communications and the Creative Industries and, as such, has overall responsibility for OFCOM. He stated that he fully supported the aim of the Centre in being able to enthuse and inspire children to become the engineers of the future.

Attendees included many of the sponsors together with Iain Standen, the Chief Executive of the Bletchley Park Trust plus, from overseas,  Dave Sumner K1ZZ, CEO of the ARRL and Ole Garpestad, LA2RR  IARU Vice-President.

Ed Vaizey MP and RSGB President Dave Wilson M0OBW

Ed Vaizey MP and RSGB President Dave Wilson M0OBW

AMSAT-UK have supported the creation of this valuable educational outreach resource at Bletchley Park and have arranged for the provision and installation of a set of fully steerable VHF and UHF satellite antenna arrays. It is hoped that it may be possible to use the NRC as the FUNcube-1 Mission Control Centre during the Launch and Early Operations Phase (LEOP) of the mission later this year.

National Radio Centre

AMSAT-UK at NRC for World Amateur Radio Day

Sponsor Plaques Fitted at National Radio Centre

Minister opens National Radio Centre

National Radio Centre – A First Look

Howard Long G6LVB and Carlos Eavis G0AKI

Howard Long G6LVB and Carlos Eavis G0AKI

Vintage Spacelab 2 video featuring Amateur Radio

W0ORE STS-51-F QSL Card - Image Credit John Magliacane KD2BD

The second ham radio transmissions by an amateur radio operator in space were made by Tony England W0ORE during the Challenger shuttle mission STS 51-F in 1985.

He achieved the first ever two-way Slow Scan TV (SSTV) space contact during the flight when he contacted GB3RS the headquaters station of the Radio Society of Great Britain (RSGB).

Tony W0ORE was running a Motorola model MX-340 handheld 2-meter transceiver and a Robot Research model 1200C slow-scan television scan converter with an antenna fitted on the inside of one of Challengers windows.

Narrated by the Commander and crew, these videos contains footage selected by the astronauts, as well as their comments on the mission. Footage includes launch, onboard crew activities, and landing. The Shuttle Amateur Radio Experiment (SAREX) is mentioned 11:40 into the video.

Space Shuttle STS-51-F Challenger Spacelab 2 Post Flight Press Conference Film 1985 Part 1 of 2

Part 2 of 2

The ITN TV news report ‘Space Radio Hams’ on the two-way SSTV contact between GB3RS at RSGB HQ and Tony England W0ORE (believed to have been on 145.550 MHz) can be seen at

Videos taken by a local TV station, of a contact between a school in Staten Island, NY and Tony England W0ORE on STS-51F can be seen at

John Magliacane KD2BD was one of the amateurs who had a contact with Tony England, see his website at

STS-51-F (also known as Spacelab 2) was the nineteenth flight of NASA’s Space Shuttle program, and the eighth flight of Space Shuttle Challenger. It launched from Kennedy Space Center, Florida, on 29 July 1985, and landed at Edwards Air Force Base, California, just under eight days later on 6 August 1985, at 12:45:26 pm PDT.

Shuttle Mission STS-51-F

Vintage Videos of STS-9 Columbia Mission and Spacelab