SimpleSat Look Down satellite tracking software now available

SimpleSat Look Down is a free easy to use software app for satellite tracking.

Written by Tom Doyle W9KE it includes a satellite look down window that displays the view from the satellite looking down at the earth as it moves along.

It uses .NET 4 and runs on Windows 8, Windows 7, Vista and XP.

Tom has released this collection of videos that explain how SimpleSat Look Down works:

Watch SimpleSat Look Down – best viewed full screen HD

Watch SimpleSat Look Down – Setup  – Best Viewed Full Screen HD

Watch SimpleSat Look Down – General Operation – Best Viewed Full Screen HD

Watch SimpleSat Look Down – Rotor Setup – best viewed full screen in HD

You can download SimpleSat Look Down from

Satpack: Arduino satellite tracking and doppler tuning

The Satpack is an ATmega328 controlled satellite tracker with doppler tuning. To calculate the position of the satellite, they use qrpTracker, which is an Arduino friendly program based on James Miller’s Pan-13. Next, the Arduino tunes the radio to listen to the transmitted Morse code. Amazing! It’s open source, so check out the link for a lot more information on building your own Satpack.

Here’s a video of the Satpack code tracking a few satellites. Note that the tone of the cubesat drifts a bit. The keps were a bit old, but in a addition, I just got a letter from James Miller, the author of Plan 13 who recommends some constants that are more in keeping with the earth model used in today’s GPS engines.

Beta Version of SimpleSat Software Available

The SimpleSat Look Down program is designed for demonstrating satellite operation. It is also useful in educational environments. It is designed for ease of use and is not a full featured tracking program like the very capable SatPC32.

Tom Doyle W9KE wrote it as a Windows 8 Metro application so the Windows 7 version has the look and feel of a Metro app. It also runs on Windows XP but your results may vary.

Tom has produced this demonstration video of the software.

Watch – SimpleSat Look Down – best viewed full screen HD

Download SimpleSat Look Down from