Lego™ 1U Cubesat,launch confirmed April 2012

Lego ™ first 1U Cubesat

In a little under a weeks time Lego-1 is due to make history by being the first 1U cubesat to be made from 40% lego,a team from ogel universtiy hope to be the first
team to have a cubesat in orbit, made by the 1940’s building blocks.

Mr Smith, the team leader says “The glue used to construct Lego-1 has been tested
by  NASA” after a little more questioning we was told the compound is ‘top secret’
but we managed to see a tube of it on the way into the clean room. ‘Polymerization of methyl-2-cyanoacrylate’ holds this cubesat together,incasing all the electronics, including a mode V beacon, and an impressive Linear Transponder (Inverting).

Uplink 435.2000-435.2600
Downlink 145.9200-TBD

Lego-1 is due to launch on the English built ‘yadslooflirpa’ Rocket in April this year,all final checks are now complete and  finger crossed, be the first lego built Cubesat in orbit’ A full in-depth article is due to be officially released on the 3rd of April 2012.

Steve from Ogel university comments “We are all looking forward to the launch,I worked on the solar-sail as part of my Masters degree,after this project I hope to release my new concept,a ‘1R’  a round cubesat, it’s a little bigger than a tennis ball”

GoodLuck with your round cubesat Steve!

Telemetry software will become available within the next few days,Lego-1 also hopes to become the first cubesat to allow amateur radio operators to tweet messages direct to the Cubesat, for them to be rebroadcasted via a 5w beacon. ( @lego-1 )

For more information please contact Rob,

Download a photo of the team behind the Lego Cubesat

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