ESA – CubeSats satellite operations update

Members of XaTcobeo team at ground station

Members of the XaTcobeo CubeSat team at the ground station

ESA have issued an update on the amateur radio CubeSats that were launched on February 13.

Since the launch ESA’s Education Office has maintained frequent contacts with the student teams to follow the progress of their satellite operations.

For each team, this is the first hands-on experience of operating an orbiting satellite, and some of them have had to deal with some challenging difficulties.

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Spring OSCAR News

The Spring edition of the AMSAT-UK colour A4 newsletter OSCAR News is being posted to members this week.

In this issue
– Dick Daniels W4PUJ SK
– VEGA Maiden Flight Report
– My way to solve the TLE lottery by Mike DK3WN
– Your Spacecraft recording wanted, urgently
– Getting back on the Satellites by Andrew Sellers G8TZJ
– Sumbandilasat
– FUNcube satellite project update
– The Clive Wallis G3CWV Column
– A Swiss satellite to tackle space debris
– ARISSat-1/KEDR goes silent
– FUNcube satellite models part 2
– KickSat – your personal spacecraft in space!
– Shorts

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AMSAT-UK is a voluntary organisation that supports the design and building of equipment for amateur sadio satellites. Its members are currently building the satellite FUNcube-1.

ESA to start mini space mission series

BBC Science correspondent Jonathan Amos reports that the European Space Agency is starting what it expects to become a regular series of small science missions.

The first winning “S-Class” idea will receive 50 million euros (£42m) and will be readied for launch in 2017.

Prof Mark McCaughrean, head of ESA’s Research and Scientific Support Department is reported as saying:

“We want to hear from innovative people who’ve got a clever idea that doesn’t need a billion or half a billion euros, but can be done with a much smaller amount.”

Read the full BBC News story at

Call for a Small mission opportunity in ESA’s Science Programme for a launch in 2017

New MO-72 Decode Software

MO-72 Masat-1 Telemetry Decode SoftwareThe students who developed the amateur radio satellite MO-72 (Masat-1) have announced that new telemetry decode software is available.

Changes in this new release include:
– “Offline” label removed, the status of the automatic packet reporting is displayed
– Battery voltage constant (on the EPS panel) updated
– Now you can change between 626/1250 bps decoding on the Packets panel
– On the frequency waterfall now you can see tracks for the 0, CW and 1. The decoder is the most sensitive if the signal is in the middle of the highlighted track

Download the new software from

MASAT-1 designated MagyarSat-OSCAR-72 (MO-72)

Khartoum Students Receive CubeSats

MASAT-1 designated MagyarSat-OSCAR-72 (MO-72)

Masat-1 CubeSat

Masat-1 (MO-72) CubeSat

OSCAR Number Administrator Bill Tynan, W3XO reports,
“Congratulations on the successful launch of the MaSat-1 Cubesat that the team at Budapest University of Technology and Economics have been responsible for designing, building and testing.

“Since you have met all of the requirements for being issued an OSCAR number, including coordination through IARU and requesting an OSCAR number, I, under authority vested in me by the President of AMSAT-NA, do hereby name MaSat-1 as MagyarSat-OSCAR-72 or MO-72.”

Bill concludes, “I, and all at AMSAT-NA wish MagyarSat-OSCAR-72 great success in fulfilling all of its mission objectives.”

Source ANS