Winner of HORYU-2 Receiving Competition


Testing HORYU-2 Solar Panels

Built by students at the Kyushu Institute of Technology (KIT) the amateur radio satellite HORYU-2 was launched on May 17 at 1639 UT.

HORYU-2 Receiving Competition Prize

Radio amateurs from around the world sent in telemetry and the winner with the most points has been announced as Yoshitomo Iji JA6PL who will be presented with a bottle as the prize.

The top three places were:

1st place: JA6PL (91 points)
2nd place: ZL2BX (36 points)
3rd place: JF1EUY (35 points)

The satellite’s callsign is JG6YBW and the CW telemetry beacon frequency is 437.375 MHz (+/- Doppler shift).

The free KIT HORYU-2 telemetry software can be downloaded from

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English language version of HORYU website

Further information on HORYU-2 is at

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