New CAMSAT Satellite CAS-2

CAMSAT CAS-2 at Friedrichshafen Ham Radio 2012 Event – Image Credit ARRL

The first CAMSAT amateur radio satellite CAS-1 (aka XW-1, HO-68) carried a linear transponder and proved very popular with radio amateurs world-wide.

Fan Shaomin BA1EO with CAS-2 A1

Fan Shaomin BA1EO with CAS-2 A1

CAMSAT and students at the Qian Youth Space Academy have been working on the next satellite CAS-2.

The launch of CAS-2 is planned for 2014 into a 1000 km orbit with an inclination of 12 degrees. This orbit means it may not be receivable in those countries at high latitudes.

It is understood that most of the room in CAS-2 will be taken up by the primary (non-amateur) payload and it has only been possible to fit a single channel FM amateur transponder in the satellite.

The announcement of May 20 indicates that two separate CAS-2 satellite structures are being built – A1 and A2.

Further information in Google English can be seen at

The CAMSAT delegation to Ham Radio 2012 in Friedrichshafen was led by Gong Wancong BA1DU. A group picture taken at the CAMSAT and AMSAT-DL stands and a picture of the engraved glass plaque that CAMSAT presented to AMSAT-DL can be seen on the AMSAT Deutschland Facebook page at

Randy Hall K7AGE visited Beijing in March 2008. Among the people he visited was Fan Shaomin BA1EO.

Watch Randy’s video which provides an insight into amateur radio in Beijing. The BA1EO visit is at 12:55

Read more about Ham Radio in that part of the world from Larry’s, KH6ITY, article at ARRL –

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