Weather Sat Picture Received With FUNcube Dongle

Herbert DL4SDR used an AMSAT-UK FUNcube Dongle VHF/UHF software defined radio

NOAA 15 Received With FUNcube Dongle

to receive a weather satellite picture in the 136-138 MHz band. On the FUNcube Yahoo Group he writes:

Today [August 19]  I received  a picture  from NOAA 15  WX  satellite with  simple “stuff” FUNcube Dongle (FCD)  and a VHF/UHF Ground Plane Antenna  up 12 meters above  ground , 200 meters  above  sea level, 15 meter  coax cable WITHOUT  pre-amplifier !

Hardware:  FCDpro  with newest Firmware V18.i with PC  WinXP with onboard Graphics-Chip

Software: FCD-DF,  Doppler-DF,  SpectraVue, wxtoimage

Nice to  see what’s possible  with simple “stuff”  :))

Regards from Germany

Herbert DL4SDR

In a follow up email he said he had also used a Ground Plane Antenna in the attic as well as one outside to receive the picture. He says he was surprised to get this good  quality.

The FUNcube Dongle was developed as part of the educational outreach for AMSAT-UK FUNcube satellite project. Although it was designed  to enable school students to receive the satellite beacon the wide frequency coverage of 64 – 1700MHz has meant that it can be used for many other applications.

The AMSAT-UK FUNcude Dongle SDR is sold by Martin Lynch & Sons (ML&S) at

FUNcube Yahoo Group