Invader CubeSat – A Student Art Satellite

ARTSAT PROJECT-1: INVADER is an amateur radio “Art Satellite” currently being developed as a part of the “ARTSAT: Art and Satellite Project” which aims at a practical use of a satellite for art and design.

Invader is a 1U CubeSat being developed by students at Tama Art University. The students say:

We would like to contribute to the amateur radio community from the view point of the Art field using this satellite. Our satellite has 3 missions:

ARTSAT Project InvaderFirst, we install some sensors to our satellite and utilize these data for Art Work. For example, by creating the Lightning Equipment which changes color according to the satellite temperature data and distributing to people, we try to make more people get interested in satellite and amateur radio.

Second, we install a small camera (150*150pixels) for acquiring the Earth image for utilizing in Art Work.

Third, we install a Digi-Talker, which transmits voice data using FM. We plan to transmit sensor data using the Digi-Talker.

Three UHF downlinks are proposed including one CW beacon, one 1k2 AFSK data transmission and one FM Voice transmitter.

A launch is planned from Tanegashima into a 400km circular orbit with 65 deg inclination in 2014 on the same H-IIA launcher as STARS-II, TeikyouSat-3, KSAT2, OPUSAT, ITF-1.

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