High School Students Build Amateur Radio CubeSat

TJ3Sat (pronounced TJ CubeSat) is scheduled to be the first satellite to be flown and built by high school students.

The satellite is a product of Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology’s Systems Engineering class. During this three year long endeavor approximately 30 high school students ranging from sophomores to seniors will have contributed.

The project is broken down into individual subsystems that are assigned to groups of students. Each subsystem is assigned an industry representative that acts as a mentor to the students. In the end TJ3Sat will act as an educational resource for K-12 education worldwide.

The primary payload of the TJ3Sat is a TextSpeak module, which converts serial data into spoken voice. Coupled with the Stensat Radio, coded data will be transmitted to the satellite and will be relayed back to Earth over an Amateur Radio frequency.

It is understood the CubeSat uplink with be in the 435 MHz band with the downlink in the 145 MHz band.

Watch TJ CubeSat Fit Check

TJ3Sat http://tj3sat.wikidot.com/