CubeBug-1 – ARM Microcomputer CubeSat

CubeBug-1 is the first technology demonstration mission for a new CubeSat platform design (mechanics, hardware and software) intended to be released as Open Source and Open Hardware for its use in Amateur projects, University projects and research labs.

The project is sponsored by the Argentinian Ministry of Science, Technology and Productive Innovation.

As payload on this first mission, some custom designed components will be tested: an ARM based on-board computer, a nano-reaction wheel with its driver circuit and a low resolution camera, all based on COTS components.

It plans to use to use half duplex communications on UHF with 9k6 GMSK data.

CubeBug-1 is a 2U cubesat and is expected to be launched later this year with around 11 other amateur radio CubeSats on a DNEPR rocket from Yasny into a 607km 98 degree polar orbit.

After the technology demonstration part of the mission is over, the satellite will enter a mode that will include services to the Amateur Radio community, including a Digipeater, science data downloads from the payload (including images if possible).