Successful test for the F-1 cubesat

F-1 cubesat in protective case

F-1 in its protective case

Thu XV9AA  successfully completed on ground long range communication tests with the F-1 bird. The project team is now undergoing the cubesat safety review to confirm its launch by an HTV cargo in late July.



Successful long range communication test from 50km!

FSpace team has just completed another important milestone by successful performed the long range communication test of F-1 CubeSat to the ground station at a distance of 50km! The team carried the little satellite to top of Tam Dao mountain (about 1300m high), more than 50km from the ground station at FPT building in Hanoi. Despite of heavy fog and high humidity (which was very bad for radio communication) the ground station successfully sent uplink commands to F-1 and the satellite responded correspondingly, reporting its status and taking some photos.

On the long way up…

640 x 480 photo taken by F-1 from Tam Dao mountain

Test successful, let’s have a group photo!