Earth Images from amateur radio CubeSat HORYU-2

The HORYU-2 Team

The amateur radio CubeSat HORYU-2 has been successfully sending back images of the Earth.

The team also report the high-voltage power experiment has generated 300 volts.

Built by students at the Kyushu Institute of Technology (KIT) HORYU-2 is 350 * 310 * 315 mm and mass is 7.1 kg. It is in a Sun-Synchronous 680 km orbit with an inclination of 98.2°.

The satellite’s callsign is JG6YBW and it transmits on 437.375 MHz  (+/- 9 kHz Doppler shift) using 20 wpm Morse Code or 1200 bps AX.25 FSK packet radio. Details of the telemetry format are available here. The telemetry software can be downloaded from here and an explanation of the software is here.

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