ZL3PN on Radio New Zealand (and Mars)

Curiosity – Image Credit NASA

George Boorer ZL3PN has been interviewed on Radio New Zealand because his name and amateur radio callsign is encoded on a chip aboard the Mars Rover Curiosity.

The Radio New Zealand interview follows hard on the heels of an interview George gave to his local newspaper the Timaru Herald.

It has to be said that many other people also have their names and callsigns in the same chip on the Mars Rover but it was George who seized the opportunity provided by the landing of Curiosity on Mars to gain some valuable publicity for amateur radio in the media – Well done George.

The Radio New Zealand interview, broadcast Thursday, August 9, is at

Direct link to MP3

Timaru Herald – Mars link for Radio Ham

Southgate 2009 – Add your name and call to the Mars Science Laboratory Rover

Len Ricardo VK1ALR is another radio amateur who managed to use the Mars landing as a way to publicise amateur radio.
VK1ALR Interview – Mission to make Curiosity count http://www.uk.amsat.org/?p=9407