Portable reception of amateur radio satellite VO52

Mal VK2MALhas produced a video showing reception, using a handheld, of SSB signals from the amateur radio satellite VO-52.

In this video I am using the Kenwood TH-F7E & Arrow LEO antenna to receive VO52, a SSB Amateur Satellite. In the first part of the video you can hear some SSTV tones then there are the voices of VK2ZAZ Geoff and VK4NBL Peter.

The aim of this video is to show what is possible with minimal equipment.

Happy satellite hunting!

Watch Ham Satellites Portable SSB receive only!

The RadCom article ‘Getting started on amateur radio satellites’ by John Heath G7HIA can be downloaded at

Video – How to work the SSB amateur radio satellites http://www.uk.amsat.org/?p=2712

SimpleSatLookDown satellite tracking software http://www.uk.amsat.org/?p=8217