Reading Talk – The Sun by Dr Lucie Green

The Sun – Image Credit NASA SOHO

Dr Lucie Green from the Mullard Space Science Laboratory will be giving a talk about the Sun to the Reading and District Amateur Radio Club on Thursday, September 27 at 7:30 pm.

Dr. Lucie Green

The talk takes place at Lecture Theatre 109, Palmer Building, White Nights Campus, University of Reading.

Dr Lucie Green is a well know presenter on BBC TV on Astronomical subject. She has appeared on many shows on BBC One, BBC News 24, ITV and BBC World, including GMTV, Xchange, The One Show, Material World and The Sky at Night. She also co-presented the Open University/BBC Two Stardate programme in 2004 and 2005, including Stardate: Mission To Titan with Adam Hart-Davis and Stardate:Deep Impact with Brian Cox.

RADARC invites Members of your Club to attend. Further details are on our Club web site,

There is no charge for attendance but we would like people to book using the details on the web site or e-mail me at so we can keep track of numbers.

We have 169 place available and about 110 places currently available.

Vin Robinson, G4JTR


The Sun talk by Dr. Lucie Green

Dr. Lucie Green on Wiki

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