EQUiSat Optical Beacon CubeSat

EQUiSat – Image Credit Brown University

Students at the Ivy League Brown University are developing an amateur radio satellite EQUiSat.

It will carry a Xenon Flash Tube (XFT) subsystem to act as an Optical Beacon that should be visible to the unaided eye of observers on Earth. The Radio Beacon is planned to operate in the 435-438 MHz band.

The goals are:
• Create a baseline design for future projects
• Open space technology to non-professionals
• Demonstrate visibility as a new form of satellite tracking and communication

They are aiming for a 2015 launch into an orbit of about 300 km which may give the satellite a life-time of a couple of months.

Watch EQUiSat

Xenon Flash Tube (XFT) subsystem design

Communications design and documentation

Brown University CubeSat http://browncubesat.org/