Cuban Amateur Radio Satellite Group National Meeting

Raydel Espinet CM2ESP - 640

Raydel Espinet CM2ESP

Raydel Espinet CM2ESP reports the first national meeting of the Cuban amateur radio satellite group will take place November 8-11 and special event station T47G will be on the air, on both HF and the satellites, during the event.

With great pleasure, on behalf of the Cuban Satellite Group named “Grupo de Radioaficionados para Operaciones Satelitales”, GROS, The Coordination Board wants to announce the following.

During November 8th to November 11th the Group will be having its First National Meeting (very similar to a symposium) in the Province of Camagüey. Many of the GROS’s Members and many other ham guests will be attending this Meeting. The meeting motto is “Celebrating the first year of an idea come true”. The idea of creating a Cuban Satellite Group and the first works began on November, 2011, and this is the First Anniversary.

The general objectives are:
–    The exchange of experiences regarding the operation with amateur radio satellites between the participants.
–    Making of conferences, workshops, demonstrations and related activities.
–    Activation of the grid FL11 and make as many satellite contacts as possible.
–    Making of the GROS Annual Assembly.

At the meeting there will be a special callsign T47G, which will be active every day on HF and satellites, in the grid FL11. We will encourage to the participants to use also the several portable stations there will be available in order to allow them to make contacts by their self. Many different callsigns and one special may be active at FL11. Your participation will be much appreciated.

There are 4 conferences, 4 workshops, 1 exposition and as many demonstrations as passes currently scheduled.

We are looking forward to hear about Hector’s (CO6CBF) experience and stories about his participation in the AMSAT Symposium in Orlando during this First Meeting. The Group also wants to thanks to Patrick, WD9EWK, and all the people at AMSAT for their very important support to Hector. We want to send a big congrats to Hector too.

The GROS Coordination Board has been working on the preparation for this First Meeting since many months ago, but just a few days ago we were able to confirm the lodging and the transportation. However, even with the short notice we receive a participation confirmation greater than 85% in less than 7 days since the news become public. In the following days we will assign the rest of the remaining available capacity, we expect a full 100% capacity with a GROS member’s representation over 60%

We want to thanks also to the executives of the Cuban National Amateur Radio Federation, and their representatives in the province of Camagüey for their huge support in the preparation of this Meeting.

The Proceedings of the Meeting will be compiled and available to everyone under request to any of the Coordination Board Members.

A short summary of the Scheduled Activities:
–    Every day:
o    As many satellite contact demonstrations as passes available.
–    November 8th:
o    Receiving the participants.
o    Installing the ground station.
o    Welcome Celebration.
–    November 9th:
o    Exposition: “Homebrew Equipments for Working Amateur Radio Satellites”
o    Conference: “Introduction to Amateur Radio Satellites” by CO7WT, Pavel Milanés Costa.
o    Conference: “Amateur Radio Satellites Fleet Status and Future Perspective” by CM2ESP, Raydel Abreu Espinet.
o    Workshop: “Antennas for Satellite Ground Stations; Theory, Practice and Experience”.
o    Workshop: “Alternatives and Solutions to Operate Amateur Radio Satellites, Part 1”.
–    November 10th:
o    Workshop: “Experiences of Working Amateur Radio Satellites”
o    Conference: “Working the ISS on Packet Radio, APRS vs. BBS” by CO7WT, Pavel Milanés Costa.
o    Conference: “How to work a Lineal Transponder” by CO6CBF, Héctor Luis Martínez Sis.
o    Workshop: “Alternatives and Solutions to Operate Amateur Radio Satellites, Part 2”.
o    GROS Annual Assembly. Election of The Coordination Board and Plan of Activities for the next year.
o    Goodbye Celebration.
–    November 11th:
o    Returning of the participants.


CM2ESP, Raydel Abreu Espinet, Coordinator.
CO6CBF, Héctor Luis Martínez Sis, Vice-coordinator.
CO7WT, Pavel Milanés Costa, Technical Vice-coordinator.