UK stations wanted for FO-29 contacts with Cuba

Hector CO6CBF working Joe EI5EV on FO-29  2013-04-03 1440z

Hector CO6CBF working Joe EI5EV on FO-29 2013-04-03 1440z

Hector CO6CBF is looking for stations in UK to try contacts on the amateur radio satellite FO-29.

Currently when the satellite in apogee it has a big footprint which covers UK and Cuba for a few minutes.

Anyone wanting to try a contact with Cuba should email Hector on: co6cbf<at>

FO-29 frequency information

More Cubans Active on Ham Radio Satellites

Raydel Espinet CM2ESP - 640

Raydel Espinet CM2ESP

On the AMSAT bulletin board Raydel Espinet CM2ESP reports that more Cuban radio amateurs have become active on the satellites. He writes:

As many of you should already know, now we have two new Cuban Amateur Operators on FM Satellites. Recently CO7WT and CM2XN have finally achieve their first QSO on SO-50 Satellite. This may look simple, but for a Cuban Ham this is a great success, after many weeks of antenna building, equipment adjustments and learning, this two fellow hams enjoy of the amazing opportunity of make a QSO on a FM Transponder Satellite. They know there is a lot more of operating skills to learn and they are very happy to do so.

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Cuban Amateur Radio Satellite Group National Meeting

Raydel Espinet CM2ESP - 640

Raydel Espinet CM2ESP

Raydel Espinet CM2ESP reports the first national meeting of the Cuban amateur radio satellite group will take place November 8-11 and special event station T47G will be on the air, on both HF and the satellites, during the event.

With great pleasure, on behalf of the Cuban Satellite Group named “Grupo de Radioaficionados para Operaciones Satelitales”, GROS, The Coordination Board wants to announce the following.

During November 8th to November 11th the Group will be having its First National Meeting (very similar to a symposium) in the Province of Camagüey. Many of the GROS’s Members and many other ham guests will be attending this Meeting. The meeting motto is “Celebrating the first year of an idea come true”. The idea of creating a Cuban Satellite Group and the first works began on November, 2011, and this is the First Anniversary.

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Cuban TV features Amateur Satellite Operation

Hector Luiz Martinez CO6CBF was interviewed on Cuban TV about his amateur radio satellite operating.

Hector, CO6CBF, got his first license at the age of 11 and has been licensed for 11 years. He first became interested in satellites when he heard about the deployment of Suitsat from the International Space Station and he began to search for information about space communications. He eventually built an antenna and made his first satellite contact on January 27, 2011 via the AO-51 satellite.

Since then he has had a contact with an astronaut on the International Space Station and was recently awarded the first satellite VUCC from Cuba. The satellite VHF/UHF Century Club (VUCC) is awarded for contacts with stations in 100 grid squares.

Hector is one of only three radio amateurs in Cuba who are active on the satellites.

Watch the Spanish language TV interview which starts with Hector assembling his satellite antenna