More Cubans Active on Ham Radio Satellites

Raydel Espinet CM2ESP - 640

Raydel Espinet CM2ESP

On the AMSAT bulletin board Raydel Espinet CM2ESP reports that more Cuban radio amateurs have become active on the satellites. He writes:

As many of you should already know, now we have two new Cuban Amateur Operators on FM Satellites. Recently CO7WT and CM2XN have finally achieve their first QSO on SO-50 Satellite. This may look simple, but for a Cuban Ham this is a great success, after many weeks of antenna building, equipment adjustments and learning, this two fellow hams enjoy of the amazing opportunity of make a QSO on a FM Transponder Satellite. They know there is a lot more of operating skills to learn and they are very happy to do so.


Logo of Federación de Radioaficionados de Cuba

This apparent little success is a great success and motive of pride for the Cuban Satellite Group named GROS, “Grupo de Radioaficionados para Operaciones Satelitales” (Ham Radio Group for Satellite Operations …a very free translation…) One of the many objectives of our Satellite Group is to promote this part of the hobby to our fellows ham. Many Cubans hams does not have the required equipment to successfully make a satellite QSO, but with the help of the Group they can put their technical skills to work and success. Few other Cuban hams has the required gear but they usually thought working a satellite is too difficult. However, with these little success the Group can show to the rest of the Cuban ham community how two stations using inventiveness and perseverance worked a FM Satellite, and perhaps those hams with the proper equipments finally decide to get on the air and activate new grids.

CO7WT, Pavel is the Group’s Technical Vice-Coordinator. And CM2XN, Jose, is a Group new Member since 1 month ago.

The Group continues with the VHF Nets in Havana Province two times a month on Fridays and we are working on extend it to a National Net on HF one time by month on the future. The Group’s First National Meeting continues postponed due to logistical arrangements but it is still as a priority to the Cuban National Amateur Radio Federation (F.R.C. – Federación de Radioaficionados de Cuba) and we have their full support.

You are free to ask any question or send comments regarding the Cuban Satellite Group to any Member of the Coordination Board as well to any member in general.
– CO6CBF, Hector, Vice-Coordinator (
– CO7WT, Pavel, Technical Vice-Coordinator (
– CM2ESP, Raydel, Coordinator (

There is a video ( of Hector, CO6CBF, at the 2012 AMSAT Space Symposium talking about how a Cuban Ham operate a satellite. Thanks to Patrick WD9EWK and AMSAT for such opportunity!!!

All the best from Cuba and thank all of you for your help, patience and understanding.


Raydel, CM2ESP
GROS Coordinator

AMSAT Bulletin Board