Ham Radio Satellites in The Independent

OSSI-1 weighs 963 grams

OSSI-1 weighs 963 grams

The Newfoundland and Labrador Independent reports on two amateur radio satellite projects.

The article covers FITSat-1 (Niwaka) developed under the leadership of Takushi Tanaka JA6AVG and the Open Source Satellite Initiative CubeSat OSSI-1 developed by Korean artist Hojun Song DS1SBO.

Read The Independent article at http://theindependent.ca/2013/03/20/narratives-in-orbit/

Further FITSat-1 information at https://amsat-uk.org/satellites/techedsat-f-1-fitsat-1-we-wish/

OSSI-1 plans to launch April 19, 2013, further  information at https://amsat-uk.org/satellites/ossi-1/