Flying Laptop – 130 kg Satellite

Flying Laptop FLP satellite

Flying Laptop (FLP) satellite

The Flying Laptop (FLP) is a 130 kg spacecraft of 600 by 702 by 866 mm. It is the first satellite of the Small Satellites Program in Stuttgart. This mission aims to establish the foundation for the required infrastructure as well as the expertise for the Small Satellites Program of the Institute of Space Systems (IRS), University of Stuttgart. The satellite is developed and build at the IRS and will be operated with the institutes’ own ground station. The design, development, construction and future operation are primarily done by Ph.D. students and undergraduate students.

The satellite plans to demonstrate a number of innovative technologies including infra-red high speed optical links. Also three cameras with 25 metre resolution and an S Band downlink for near real time observations. Proposing 10 Mbit/s QPSK LHCP transmissions using CCSDS like protocol.

No launch yet confirmed but planning a sun synchronous LEO in late 2014. They have applied to the International Amateur Radio Union (IARU) for coordinated Amateur Satellite Service frequencies.

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using the password hamradio13

Flying Laptop