TURKSAT-3USAT Announcement

TURKSAT-3USAT and Deployment Pod

TURKSAT-3USAT and Deployment Pod

Dear Radio Amateurs,

To save energy in the batteries of TURKSAT-3USAT satellite, unless announced otherwise, we kindly request you to;

1. When following the satellite, especially during daylight passings, concentrate on listening to the beacon signal at 437.225 MHz (with an open squelch, using preamp) only and send the info you have recorded to turksat3usat@tamsat.org.tr , together with time and location information.

2. Do not use the calling frequencies of the transponders (Uplink 145.940 – 145.990 MHz) and do not make any calls (TX) at these frequencies during this time.

3. Continue using existing TLE (Kepler) data in tracking the satellite, unless announced otherwise.

4. We thank all radio amateurs for their kind interest and help in this.

TURKSAT-3USAT information https://amsat-uk.org/satellites/turksat-3usat/