IARU Region 1 Agrees Addition 2m Satellite Allocation

IARU_Region_1_logoThe minutes from the IARU Region 1 Interim meeting held in Vienna, April 20-21, have been released.

A number of papers related to Amateur-Satellite Service allocations were discussed:
VIE13_C5_03 Increased Amateur‐Satellite Service 144MHz Usage
• VIE13_C5_05 Recommendations for DATV Transmission
• VIE13_C5_24 Region 1 Satellite Coordinator Report
• VIE13_C5_27 New Narrow‐Band working frequencies in the 2300–2450 MHz band
• VIE13_C5_32 2400MHz Amateur Satellites

The Vienna C5 meeting minutes are available here.

The original papers for the meeting are available here.

Probably the most important paper from an Amateur Satellite Service perspective was VIE13_C5_03 which proposed the use of 144.000-144.035 MHz for satellite SSB/CW downlinks.

The minutes record that Graham Shirville G3VZV presented the paper on the increasing use of 2m by satellites and the desire to use the under-utilized bottom of the 2m band 144.000-144.035, which had originally been harmonized for EME activity. EME has subsequently moved to frequencies further up the band.

In order to accommodate some CW contests, the proposal was reduced from 35 to 25kHz (i.e. 144.000-144.025 MHz).

If the other IARU Region 2 and Region 3 are also willing to go for 144.000 and 144.025, then IARU Region 1 will support this proposal.

Note: IARU Region 2 Conference is in Cancun, Mexico in September 2013.

Read VIE13_C5_03_Increased_Amateur_Satellite_Service_144MHz_Usage