CEPT considers use of 5830-5850 MHz satellite band

CEPT LogoThe CEPT SE24 Short Range Devices meeting M72 took place in Vienna on August 26-27, 2013.

The meeting discussed the use of the frequency bands 5350-5470 MHz and 5725-5925 MHz (‘WAS/RLAN extension bands’) for wireless access systems including radio local area networks (WAS/RLANs).

Any use of Amateur Satellite Service downlink band of 5830-5850 MHz for this purpose would inevitably raise the noise floor making the weak satellite signals even harder to receive.

Read the CEPT working document at M72_Info2_SE24_att_RSCOM13-32rev3_Draft Mandate CEPT 5 GHz RLAN

CEPT SE24 meeting documents can be downloaded from