Interference to the Amateur-Satellite Service

E22ICQ's amateur radio station

E22ICQ’s amateur radio station

Nuttaporn Kaewkajay E22ICQ has posted a video that shows the problem of interference in the Amateur-Satellite allocations in Thailand.

Terrestrial usage of frequencies reserved for the Amateur-Satellite Service such as 145.800-146.000 MHz can result in the satellite transponders being blocked and rendered useless.

The problem is not just restricted to Thailand, in Italy repeater outputs in 145.800-146.000 MHz have caused severe interference to amateur satellites. E22ICQ is to be congratulated for documenting the interference on YouTube. If anyone else is able to upload videos to YouTube showing interference to satellites please let us know.

Watch 30-Oct-2013 OK03fu 145.9375 MHz land station talking in Satellite Bands

E22ICQ holds a Thai Intermediate license that he received on July 27, 2012 (Thai year 2555 BE). In May 2012 Thailand had 246,959 radio amateurs holding the entry level VHF license and only 717 Intermediate and Reciprocal HF licence holders. The reason for the lack of Intermediate licensees is because it has been impossible to sit an exam. The Intermediate exam held in Bangkok on May 19, 2012 was the first to be held in the country for eight years, see

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