Optical marking for UK ham radio exams

UK Amateur Radio Exams - Optical MarkingUK amateur radio exams have now moved over to optical marking, this video describes the new system.

Paul Whatton G4DCV has re-edited an earlier video to produce this presentation about the Optical Marking System by Alan Betts G0HIQ Chief Examiner for the Radio Communications Foundation (RCF).

The presentation was given during the Training Forum held at the RSGB Convention in October, 2013.

Watch The Optical Marking System

The July and October issues of the free RCF Instructors’ Newsletter have articles on Optical Marking, see http://rsgb.org/main/clubs-training/tutor-resources-2/newsletters/

The RSGB Training & Education Chair manages a Yahoo Group to allow for regular updates, news and sharing of ideas between trainers, see

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