Mass Amateur Radio Satellite Launch November 21

Satellites on Dnepr launch November 21, 2013 - Image credit Nader Omer ST2NH

Satellites on Dnepr launch November 21, 2013 – Image credit Nader Omer ST2NH

The largest ever launch of satellites carrying amateur radio payloads should take place on November 21, 2013 at 07:10:11 UT on a Dnepr from Dombarovsky near Yasny.

One of the satellites UniSat-5 will itself deploy a number of additional satellites. Among them should be the CubeSats PUCP-SAT-1, HumSat-D, Icube-1 and the PocketQubes Wren, Eagle-1 (BeakerSat), Eagle-2 ($50Sat), QB-Scout1. PUCP-SAT-1 intends to subsequently release a further satellite Pocket-PUCP.

Nader Omer ST2NH has produced the graphic above which shows satellites to be deployed. It is thought UNiSat-5 may not deploy its satellites until January.

As well as UniSat-5 and its associated CubeSats and PocketQubes these amateur radio satellites are also believed to be on the Yasny Dnepr launch:

A list of the IARU coordinated amateur radio frequencies for the Yasny Dnepr satellites is available here.

BRITE-PL1 (20 x 20 x 20 cm) is also on the launch, frequency information on the web indicates it may have a 4 kbps transceiver on 437.365 MHz and a beacon on 145.890 MHz in addition to the primary downlink on 2234.4 MHz.

The Ecuadorian 1U CubeSat NEE-02 Krysaor has fold-out solar panels.  It carries a 0.9 watt HD TV transmitter that operates in the 980 MHz band and it is believed a beacon will send a Morse Code ID, a Slow Scan TV (SSTV) image and Ecuadors national anthem.

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