Triton-1 Update November 23

Triton-1 in orbit

Triton-1 in orbit

Triton-1 is a 3U cubesat from ISIS-BV (Innovative Solutions In Space BV) with a AIS (ship location service) radio science experiment which was launched on November 21. After the experiment is complete (est. 3 months), the spacecraft radios will be reconfigured to U/V FM to DSB (“AO-16 mode”) repeaters open for amateur use.

This update was issued at 08:48 on November 23, 2013.

Hi all,

New TLE’s for the DNEPR launch have been issued, we believe that
Triton-1 is object M.

1 39427U 13066M  13326.98436826 -.00002391  00000-0 -39688-3 0 10
2 39427  97.7901  39.5474 0120424 185.3601 174.6374 14.64539763 201

Meanwhile, Triton-1 is still in nominal mode, transmitting AX.25 BPSK on
145.822 MHz. Reception reports, especially in case the satellite is in
safe mode (transmitting the safe mode CW beacon) are welcome!

73 on behalf of the team,

Wouter Jan Ubbels PE4WJ

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