KySat-2 Ham Radio Software Update

Archive image of KySat-1

Archive image of KySat-1

Jason Rexroat KK4AJE of the University of Kentucky KySat-2 team brings news of the latest version of the amateur radio ground station telemetry decoder software.

We really appreciate everyone using our ground station software to decode KySat-2 packets!  We are continuing to take suggestions and made several more bug fixes, and the third version of this software is now available for download!

KySat-2 Info: or

Our changelog is included in the download, and also copied below.  Again, we appreciate all who have helped us gather telemetry from our satellite, and please continue to do so!  Email us with any bugs or suggestions for improvements and we’ll be sure to work on it!


– “Share” button to automatically email us our log files, along with counters showing how many beacons you’ve shared
– Custom COM port selection in case your created COM port doesn’t show up in our list
– Drag and dockable tabs
– Packaged into single executable file

These changes will enable further customization on your part, and the automatic sharing will put the data into a format our automated scripts can handle to generate our running telemetry tables. I know that the ping functionality is still disabled, but we are pushing through further subsystem checkout that will allow us to enable this and other functionality for you!

Jason Rexroat KK4AJE
Space Systems Lab, University of Kentucky

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