Radio Hams to Repair Faulty ISS Pump

International Space Station ISS 2011

The ARRL report Expedition 38 Astronauts Mike Hopkins, KF5LJG, and Rick Mastracchio, KC5ZTE, will leave the confines of the International Space Station (ISS) December 21, 23, and 25 to repair a faulty cooling system pump.

The malfunction has already caused the postponement of one Amateur Radio on the International Space Station (ARISS) school contact. It’s unclear if the ISS problem will affect additional ARISS school contacts.

Planet Labs CubeSat Constellation

Planet Labs CubeSat Constellation

Also postponed is the shipment of four amateur radio 1U CubeSats LituanicaSAT-1, LitSat-1, ArduSat-2, UAPSat-1, the 915 MHz CubeSat SkyCube and 28 CubeSats (3U) from the company Planet Labs. The CubeSats were to have been sent to the ISS on an Orbital Sciences Antares-120 rocket on December 18 but this launch will not now take place until January.

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LituanicaSAT-1 with amateur radio FM transponder to deploy from ISS

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SkyCube to use 915 MHz CubeSat Ground Station Network

In the United States and a number of other countries 915 MHz is an Amateur Radio allocation. In the UK the regulator Ofcom plan to make 915-921 MHz license exempt

Planet Labs