LitSat-1 Transponder Test Successful

LitSat-1 CubeSat

LitSat-1 CubeSat

The 435/145 MHz SSB/CW linear transponder on the Lithuanian  amateur radio CubeSat LitSat-1, call sign LY1LS, was successfully tested on Sunday, March 9.

LitSat-1 was deployed from the International Space Station (ISS) on Friday, February 28 at 0730 UT by astronaut Koichi Wakata KC5ZTA.

Listen to the recording made by Mike Rupprecht DK3WN

LitSat-1 Transponder - Mike Rupprecht DK3WN

LitSat-1 Transponder – Mike Rupprecht DK3WN

LitSat-1 frequencies:

Inverting linear transponder for SSB/CW communications
• Uplink 435.135-435.165 MHz
• Downlink 145.935-145.965 MHz

The team list a CW beacon but it appears the beacon was not active during the test.

AX.25 packet radio transceiver
• Uplink 435.550 MHz
• Downlink 145.850 MHz

LitSat-1 uses a modified version of the LE005-R2 CubeSat linear transponder developed by William Leijenaar PE1RAH

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