Ofcom Amateur Radio Licence Statement

Ofcom-logo-col-tOfcom has published a decision to update the terms and conditions of the amateur radio licence.  This follows a consultation published in September.

These include changes which would provide amateurs with access to some frequency bands previously available only through the variation of individual licences.

The decision is further to changes announced in our April statement on Public Sector Spectrum Release. In that statement, we set out a decision to remove access for amateur radio operators to certain frequencies in the 2300 MHz and 3400 MHz ranges in order to support the release of these bands by the Ministry of Defence.

This document is likely to be of interest to individuals authorised to use the radio spectrum in the UK for the purposes of amateur radio activities.

Ofcom Statement

PDF which includes new sample licence

Comment regarding Ofcom’s proposed change for the 75875-76000 MHz Amateur Satellite allocation http://www.essexham.co.uk/news/ofcom-licence-changes-consultation-results.html#comment-189720

The RSGB has opened a forum to discuss guidance to accompany the licence. Anyone, RSGB member or not, can contribute to the discussion on the forum which is at http://forums.thersgb.org/implementation