Amateur radio spacecraft received over 1 million km from Earth


ARTSAT2:DESPATCH signal received at a distance of 1,104,854 km on December 5, 2014

Michal Zawada SQ5KTM reports receiving signals from both the ARTSAT2:DESPATCH and Shin’en2 spacecraft on Friday evening, December 5 at a distance of around 1,100,000 km from Earth. The ham radio group comprising SP5ULN, SP5MG, SQ5RWU, SQ5KTM, SP5XMU and the PIAP Team also received the spacecraft Shin’en2 on Saturday evening GMT at a distance of 1,511,246 km.

Akihiro Kubota of the ARTSAT project reports:

DESPATCH reception reports we’ve received are summarized:

We received 33 reports from 7 countries, Japan, Czech Republic, Russia, Netherlands, Austria, Poland, and Buenos Aires.
Thank you very much for your cooperation. We’re waiting for further reports from you!
The transmission of will last about for more 10 days (until 5,500,000 km).

※ If you cannot find your name in spite your reception, please contact→
※※ Updated at 10:00 (JST) December 7, 2014

Ham radio spacecraft launched into deep space

Shin'en2 signal received at 1,511,246 km on December 6, 2014

Shin’en2 signal received at a distance of 1,511,246 km on December 6, 2014